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February 2016



Solid Camera is proud to announce that we will announce no new products that could potentially cloud the decision making process this year. “The ScatterBOX2x is a camera power management product that is so far ahead of any other, it only makes sense to wait for others to catch up”, says CEO Carlos Acosta. This strong product offering is clearly targeting owners of high-end camera systems from ARRI, RED, Sony, Panasonic, Black Magic, and more. Solid Camera is a giant in the emerging world of nano-manufacturing. In fact, Solid Camera is the only player in this industry capable of operating a nano-manufacturing infrastructure operated by exactly one person. Chief engineer Carlos Acosta says, “Being an anti-social hermit, we (me) needed to operate with as few people as possible, so I designed a totally automated production system to prevent any need for human interaction.”. With this cold and efficient approach to manufacturing, Solid Camera can produce a higher quality product at a great price. “Solid Camera has no plans to just compete, we plan to dominate power delivery in camera systems”, says VP of industrial design Carlos Acosta. The Solid Camera ScatterBOX2x is designed to save crew members from themselves, detecting and avoiding power related problems on the camera while providing the convenience of true sequential hot-swap and industry standard power outputs. ScatterBOX2 will keep your big Hollywood movie camera running continuously.



Carlos Acosta

VP Marketing

Solid Camera, Inc

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