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We have all heard that you get what you pay for. Here you can see that graphically presented. The features in the ScatterBOX2x were chosen after decades of real world experience demanded them. Now that we have the price so close - why bother with less? 

Feature Description


  • PRICE - We have designed for a purpose and then worked into the best possible price. We don't pick a price and then compromise the design to fit.

  • TRUE SEQUENTIAL HOT-SWAP - The means that the system uses one power source completely while the backup source of power is on stand-by - ensuring the backup is always ready.

  • PARALLEL HOT SWAP - This simple scheme shares power between two sources - using both at the same time.

  • SOFTWARE CONTROL - The ScatteBOX2x utilizes 3 CPU's to monitor, control, and display the system. They each have dedicated power supplies. This offers an enormous amount of control and monitoring to deal with problems that the user is not even aware of. It also allows improvements and new features to be added over time. 

  • POWER CONDITIONING / FILTERING - Power is subject to fluctuations and interference that can cause issues with sensitive electronics. The ScatterBOX2x levels and filters out the majority of problems causing power noise. Noise can come from accessories and external sources.

  • HIGH-SPEED ELECTRONIC FUSES - These are solid state protection circuits that replace traditional slow fuses. They are very accurate, consistent, and react to a problem very fast to avoid damage to anything. They also reset immediately after the fault is removed with no fuse to replace or wait to cool down.

  • STANDARD FUSES - These devices protect the system from overload. They can be consumable or self-resetting. In general, they are slow to react which will prevent a fire, but not necessarily system damage.

  • TURN ON SEQUENCING - The outputs are turned on in a time delayed sequence to prevent normal inrush currents from causing problems. 

  • BURST POWER STORAGE - ScatterBOX2x models have the ability to deliver very large bursts of power to overcome inrush, step currents, motor stalls etc that would otherwise cause the system voltage to briefly drop.

  • 24 VOLT ACCESSORY POWER - 24 volts is an important option for driving lens motor systems. 

  • HIGH CURRENT USB - High current 5v USB power is used for charging, HDMI converters, wireless transmitters, etc. If available, most cannot supply more than 1 amp where 2 amps or more are commonly needed. ScatterBOX2x provides 2 ports.

  • LCD GRAPHICAL STATUS DISPLAY -  Power is invisible so we need a display to show the user what is happening. This also allows system parameters to be changed to suit the actual need.

  • LED STATUS INDICATORS - Led lights can be seen from a distance, much further than a graphical display. This allows users to understand status from across.

  • CNC MACHINED BATTERY PLATES - We designed out own battery plates that are machined from solid aluminum blocks. The goal is for them to be very rigid and very durable. The competition uses molded plastics and sheet metal. 

  • INDUSTRY TYPICAL CONNECTORS - While there is no real standard for power connectors on cameras, there are 'typicals'. ARRI has established the 2 pin Lemo for 12v accessory and the 3 pin Fischer for 24v and Run/Stop - decades ago. When a manufacturer introduces a new connector configuration, everyone is forced to buy or build new cables. We stick with known good and established connector configurations. 

  • STANDARD 4-PIN XLR INPUT - This is the primary power input on the ScatterBOX2x and it is very easily sourced. Almost all external power sources use an XLR 4 pin for 12v applications. Don't get stuck with an unusual connector that is specific to your camera. 

  • GENUINE LEMO AND FISCHER CONNECTORS - These companies invented the super high-quality push-pull connectors. They both have uncompromising quality from design to manufacturing which is why ARRI and Panavision started using them many decades ago. Solid Camera is the only known accessory power product that is committed to buying GENUINE connectors. Others use knock-offs or counterfeits that are far lower quality. This is not a safe place to save a few dollars. 

  • REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTION - The ScatterBOX2x has active protection from reverse polarity. This means that not only does it tolerate it, it will still turn on and display the error so the user knows to fix it. 

  • OVER-VOLTAGE PROTECTION - Overvoltage can sometimes come from a power source and it can also be noise. The ScatterBOX2x XLR input is protected up to 80 volts and can ride through most spikes without shutting down. The spikes are actively suppressed, if they persist too long the system will shut down or switch to the backup on-board battery.

  • MODULAR OUTPUT - The ScatterBOX2x has an output cartridge that can hold a variety of standard configurations or be customized. 

  • 15 AMP / 200 WATT OPTION - There is an option for a high-current ScatterBOX2x to deal with larger cameras and lenses. No other system has such an option to deal with the largest and most difficult camera configurations in the motion picture industry. 

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