TRUE Hot Swap Management

Dual Sequential Power.

The 4 pin XLR input is your primary power while the on-board battery is not being used at all, just waiting to be needed.

Powerful sense and logic circuits were developed to manage the hot-swap. All the inputs and outputs are monitored and fed into the software based power management algorithm. The ScatterBOX2x knows the difference between a dying battery and the plug being pulled out. This technology allows a seamless ultra-high speed power swap at the exact right moment. 

Hot Swap is a delicate procedure......Solid Camera is the first in True Hot Swap

When the development of the ScatterBOX1 started in 2011, we knew that hot swap was a critical capability. At the time we thought that simple battery sharing scheme would be an easy and reliable solution. Battery sharing is a simple arrangment that simply picks the battery with the highest voltage. When the voltages are equal, it draws on both batteries until both are dead at the same time. Of course it did not take long to realize that battery sharing was a very limited solution. The next step was a big one to have a system that can effectively sequence two sources of power so that their is always a known backup ready. 


No other box in the industry has this functionality. It is a difficult and delicate task that took nearly 2 years to perfect. The goal of the hot swap is to have one input as a PRIMARY input and another as BACKUP. The ScatterBOX2x will completely drain the PRIMARY power while the BACKUP is not used at all. When the PRIMARY input is no longer able to power the camera, the ScatterBOX2x will switch to the BACKUP which is fresh and ready to go. This sequential use of the power sources is the key to having a reliable way to swap power. This requires sophisticated and very fast analysis of the system to accomplish without the camera and accessoris seeing it. The ScatterBOX can detect and switch in 9 nano-seconds (.0000009 Seconds). That is fast, but it was critical to allow swapping supplies without creating a power glitch that will shutdown many cameras. 






4min of Hot Swap Cinema

Both batteries die at the same time. No Reserve.

The Competition....

Some of our competitors have tried to create a hot-swap feature. All of them have a much simpler scheme called 'HIGHEST VOLTAGE WINS'. This scheme essentially shares two power sources. The power source with the highest voltage will power the camera system. This becomes problematic when you have an on-board battery and an AC supply powering the camera. The AC supply normally has a much lower voltage than a fresh battery so the camera will draw from the battery until it is the same voltage as the AC supply. This could be 70% of the battery life being used while the camera is plugged into an AC supply! When the AC supply is removed, you have a nearly dead battery. In the case where you have a block battery and an on-board battery, both of the batteries will be dead at about the same time. 

On-Board battery being used while a block battery is connected.

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