Power Management vs. Distro Box

Electricity is invisible and it is not practical to have a lab full equipment on set to see what trouble is brewing. Lets take a look at a typical scenario that unfolds without anyone knowing. What you see in the image below is a comparison of what is fed into the ScatterBOX2 and what comes out. The blue line shows voltage over a period of time as it comes from an AC power supply and is fed to the camera. The rapid changes shown are the result of the camera being switched off. The interaction of the power supply, the cable, and the other pieces in the system created an enormous set of spikes that go well over 40 volts! The resulting problems from this can vary from damaged equipment that needs to repair to data corruption that takes time to recover. The yellow line is what comes out of the ScatterBOX2 during this trouble event - it is barely noticeable and all the equipment connected to the system simply gets a clean source of power. Silent and invisible trouble was avoided.

Take a look at this.....The green-ish trace shows glitches on the DC input of a camera system. The ScatterBOX2 filters nearly all of it so your equipment gets noise free power.

This captured event is not a hypothetical scenario. It was re-created from actual on set failures that we investigated. What you generally hear is simply - "....the on-board monitor just stopped working". Many of the mysterious anomolies with the camera package can be tracked back to glitches in the power delivery. A bad cable, hot patching, long power cables, low quality AC power supplies can all contribute to power related issues. The goal of the ScatterBOX2 is to stop any and all power issues well before the power gets to its final destination.

This process of filtering problems is an active and difficult challenge. All of our competitors have simple pass through designs for the sole purpose of splitting the power to multiple output connectors - like an AC power strip. The ScatterBOX2 uses a sophisticated mix of analog and digital circuitry along with 3 microprocessors and A/D converters to analyze and make desicions millions of times per second.

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