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The ScatterBOX2x is the command and control center for camera power. Important details are monitored and appropriate actions are taken if a problem is detected. Critical functions are built in to hardware and report back to the software. Less critical functions are programmed into software for maximum flexibility over the life cyce of the system. The system is looking for a range of anomolies from spikes to over load many thousands of times per second. Most issues are simply dealt with actively and the use will never know a bad event just happened. 

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Competition Tech

The alternative to the ScatterBOX2x requires that you step down from POWER MANAGEMENT to POWER DISTRIBUTION. This is essentially the equivilent to using a power strip to plug a number of appliances in to a single wall outlet. There is a single power input, a fuse to prevent fires, and a number of output plugs that are all tied together. This simplistic approach offers no filtering, conditioning, reverse polarity, hot swap, over-voltage handling, individual electronic fuses, LCD display, LED indicators, and more. 

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