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In a class of its own


Modern cinema cameras are extremely complex, state-of-the-art electronic systems. Every single pixel that is recorded on any digital camera needs clean and stable power. Power gltiches and interupptions can cause all sorts of issues from embarassing to tragic. The ScatterBOX2x systems deliver - clean, filtered, stabilized power to your camera and all of the accessories. Having clean power even under the worst circumstances is critical to sucess in professional filmmaking. The ScatterBOX2x systems are engineered to deliver power and protection all the time, even on the biggest jobs. At first glance, the ScatterBOX2x looks like a 'distro box' - but lets take a closer look. 

Garbage in. Awesome out.


Battery swaps.Rotten power. Reverse polarity. Over-voltage. Glitches. Shorted cables. The ScatterBOX2x sorts it out and keeps your camera system running. This is the difference between power management and power 'distro'. The ScatterBOX2 is designed to deal with the worst day and keep you running. This is the result of a sophisticated electronics and software that are making measurments and decisions constantly. 

Rugged Like No Other


All the advanced electronics in the ScatterBOX2x would be useless if they were not protected from the real world of production. We have designed and manufactured the ScatterBOX2x to the extreme to survive extremes. While the competition uses off the shelf boxes with drilled holes or bent sheet metal - The ScatterBOX2x is CNC machined from solid blocks of aircraft aluminum. Every detail has been poured over and optimized for the task.

Power Conditioning


Power is never perfect. It is suseceptible to damaging fluctuations from a myraid of sources. This is why most people plug expensive computers into Uninteruptible Power Supplies (UPS's) instead of just pluging them directly into a wall socket. Fluctutions or unexpected shutdowns can damage a computer. The ScatterBOX2x performs a similar function on your camera system by allowing true hot-swap power sources for totally uninterupted power on top of heavy filters to level out fluctuations. 

True Sequential Hot-Swap


Never let the camera shutdown until you turn it off. That is the fundemental thought behind our industry first True Sequential Hot-Swap system. This means that you can provide two seperate sources of power and swap between them without shutting the camera system down. The system chooses the priority source of power first leaving the on-board battery completely disconnected until it is called on for backup. You can have a block battery powering your system and have an on-board battery as a backup. If the block drains or it is accidentally disconnected - the ScatterBOX2x seamlessly switches to the backup. As soon as the primary source of power is restored, it will disconnect the on-board battery and wait for another problem to solve. 



All camera configurations are unique and customized. Power managament should be as well. We have designed the ScatterBOX2x with user configurable Output Cartidge. This cartridge holds the main accessory power outputs and voltage regulator

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