What is the ScatterBOX2?


The first question is generally - "What is it?"


The ScatterBOX2 manages the electric power needs of a movie camera. Power management means that it becomes the power center for the whole system. All cameras need power and modern cinema cameras need clean power - a lot of clean power to behave. Rarely is a camera used on its own, there are generally a number of accessories that also need power. Monitors, video transmitters, remote focus, external recorders, and more. All of those systems are electronically delicate and need clean and stable power as well.


Small glitches can create bizarre behaviors, damage, or image issues. Abrupt disruption of power can corrupt data cards with your footage on them. The camera can be damaged creating a very costly production delay on top of what it may cost to fix the camera body or accessory.


So how does the ScatterBOX2x fit in?


The ScatterBOX2x protects the whole camera system from bad luck and bad decisions. Most of the time without the user ever knowing. The system becomes a brick wall against a myriad of every day hazards. This ensures your camera stays up and running all day every day. From the North Pole to the Mojave Desert. Two sources of power are distributed to all the places that need power easily and safely. 



Automatic hot-swap from a primary source of power to a backup. Extreme over-voltage protection. Over current protection. Power conditioning cleans up any glitches. Power on sequecning. Ultra high efficiency. Digitally monitored electronic fuses. 100% CNC machined housing and battery mounts. Genuine brand connectors. User display of critical status information. 


This is power management for your camera.
Nothing else even comes close. 
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